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NOTE: The town of Ribnita, Transnistria region, where the event is to take place, is part of the self-proclaimed Transnistrian Moldovan Republic. This is a country with bizarre legislation and a post-Soviet air; one is uncertain on what laws this thing is based. The population living on that territory is of an eclectic make: Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians, various ethnic groups from the former USSR.
In short, the colorful atmosphere of the region and of its social-political context is a rare occasion to intervene in this area with projects of conceptual sculpture and later place them in pre-established places. The event will take place in cooperation with and by the support of the MMZ steel mill in Ribnita.

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DURATION: 3-4 weeks

PLACE: town of Ribnita, MMZ steel mill's sanatorium

MATERIALS: recycled metal (MMZ mill), stone (Cosauti quarry), wood, glass.

CONDITIONS: room and board will be provided for the duration of the camp, materials will be provided in accordance with the project submitted to and accepted by the panel. Transportation of the participants is a separate issue, which will be dealt with in parallel with the organization of the camp.

PANEL: It will consist of expert members of the Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau, Moldova.

Projects should be submitted/mailed to:
2012 str. Puskin 16
Phone: 3732/ 212765, 212766
Fax: 3732/ 212768
Contact persons: Lilia Dragnev, Lucia Macari

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