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Dear web surfer,

We welcome you to visit our virtual museum of contemporary art. Here you will find contemporary artworks from the Republic of Moldova, a small land in the far Eastern Europe. Unfortunately the reality had not offered us a real place where pieces representing different ways of artistic expression which developed in this area in the last decades to be available to public view. Although we can not assert that artistic methods and tendencies were very diverse during this period the process animated in the last ten years meanwhile with the opening of the society and emerging of the new type of cultural organizations i.e. Soros Center for Contemporary Art.

The museum compound exhibits and events which took place recently in Chisinau (the capital of the Republic of Moldova), most of them being organized and sponsored by SCCA i.e. Ruptura / The Break, curator Vladimir Bulat, Giocanda's Smile, from the mythic to techno ritual, curator Octavian Esanu, and the Maniacal Depressed Aspects by Mithos Micleusan.

The museum also offer you a permanent collection of works portraying the evolution of visual arts during the last decades. For the first time public can see pieces which were not largely exhibited before. Artists like Andrei Sirbu, Iurie Horovschi, Nicolai Ischimji, Andrei Mascov who have been confronting through their works the socialist realism, imposed and controlled by ideological apparatus of the communists. The same collection shows another generation of artists who became active at the end of 80-s beginning of 90-s like Mark Verlan, Igor Scerbina, Iurie Cibotaru etc.

Finishing this small introduction I would like to mention that this first artistic virtual institution in Moldova started its activity as a result of a collaboration between local and foreign artists. I would like to thank first of all Gilles Morel and Nicolas Menet from France who hold the workshop in Internet and together with a group of local artists started from elaborating the structure until 'building' the Moldovan Virtual Museum of Contemporary Art.

We hope that starting this initiative will contribute to emerging of a real place, a Contemporary Art Museum where public will have the chance to see 'live' the local artistic production.

Octavian Esanu