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  The museum will organize this year several exhibitions which will offer-to those who have the opportunity to and like surfing the Web-works and documents from several events that took place in Chisinau this summer. CarbonART 1999 was the fourth edition of this summer camp for artists who 'experiment or use nontraditional methods of expression.' (Unfortunately, this is the formulation that we still have to use in order to define contemporary art created by Chisinau artists.) This event by the Center for Contemporary Art generated other events, which we believe to be of major importance to our culture. Several workshops organized by our old friends, who had come from Amsterdam (Ron Sluik), Paris (Colita/Nicolas Menet), Damascus/NYC (Bradley Adams), was a school for many young people interested in how to use tools popular with artists of the modern world (video, photography).

J. Bradley Adams
Photography workshop, "Handmade Light"

During the "Handmade Light" workshop the participants were given a general introduction to the techniques of black-and-white photography. One of the main goals, according to Bradley, was to integrate photography into the participants' day-to-day work. Those who participated in the workshop had the chance to watch and do exercises linked to the history of photography, by using photograms, negatives and hand-made cameras. Besides, all interested artists had a chance to learn about the numerous areas in which American artists used photography.

Ron Sluik
Photography workshop

The participants in Ron Sluik's workshop used a Kodak camera (the cheapest amateur camera) set up to photograph in stereo mode. The two lenses offer the possibility to shoot in a fraction of a second four frames instead of one. The camera was thus an ideal device for "catching time."

Dan McKereghan
Performance workshop

The workshop's agenda included a short introduction to the history of the genre, followed by physical and vocal exercises to give the artists' body a sharper sensitivity. The theoretical part was meant to expand the participants' knowledge, and the exercises contributed to the creation of works (performances) shown at the closure of the camp. The workshop went on for six days, during which the participants had a chance to shock the city's provincial life.

Bradley's Workshop
Bradley's photos

Doina Stici

Liviu Ignat

Veaceslav Druta

Ion Tcaci

Dan McKereghan's Workshop
McKereghan's photos

Ron Sluik's Workshop

Ron Sluik's photos

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